About Mark’s Maps

I am Mark Roberts, and I draw maps. Do you need a map?

This website is where I put all my orphan maps which don’t fit in one of my books. All the maps are 2/300dpi GIFs which you can see in their full glory by right clicking, or left click to get the PDF.

  • Drop me a line – mark[at]markroberts[dot]id[dot]au
  • Call me – +61 404 50 99 24
  • Skype (let me know first) – nmarkroberts.

I draw maps for

Do you need a map? I’ll draw one for you at a very reasonable price. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, so I have good local knowledge and excellent cartographic resources for South East Queensland and northern New South Wales, but I’m happy to draw almost any area in the world.

I primarily draw topographic-style maps but I’m interested in all types of map.

I use OCAD to prepare my maps, and I also write software to automate some mapping processes.

My first book of maps is Where to Mountain Bike in South East Queensland; we published the Fifth Edition in December 2016.

My second book is Family Rides in South East Queensland

My third map book is Family Bushwalks in South East Queensland – the Second Edition came out in November 2016.

I run the orienteering club of the Gold Coast: Paradise Lost Orienteers. Here are some documents relating to the Club.

Here is my old Orienteering Blog.