About Mark’s Maps

I am Mark Roberts, and I draw maps. Do you need a map?

This website is where I put all my orphan maps which don’t fit in one of my books. All the maps are 2/300dpi GIFs which you can see in their full glory by right clicking, or left click to get the PDF.

  • Drop me a line – mark[at]markroberts[dot]id[dot]au
  • Call me – +61 404 50 99 24
  • Skype (let me know first) – nmarkroberts.

I draw maps for

Do you need a map? I’ll draw one for you at a very reasonable price. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, so I have good local knowledge and excellent cartographic resources for South East Queensland and northern New South Wales, but I’m happy to draw almost any area in the world.

I primarily draw topographic-style maps but I’m interested in all types of map.

I use OCAD to prepare my maps, and I also write software to automate some mapping processes.

My first book of maps is Where to Mountain Bike in South East Queensland; we published the Fifth Edition in December 2016.

My second book is Family Rides in South East Queensland

My third map book is Family Bushwalks in South East Queensland – the Second Edition came out in November 2016.

We developed the Somerset chapter of the MTB book into the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Guide which is now on its second edition.

I run the orienteering club of the Gold Coast: Paradise Lost Orienteers. Here are some documents relating to the Club.

Here is my old Orienteering Blog.