A street map of Yarraman in the far north of the Toowoomba Region and at the northern end of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. This is intended for the next edition of our BVRT Guide booklet.

Yarraman, Toowoomba Region

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Guide

Not long ago a cafe proprietor on the BVRT mentioned to me that she had nothing informative to give or sell to BVRT users. I promised to try to come up with something, and when we had finished preparing the Fifth Edition of Where to Mountain Bike in SEQ I realised this was a golden opportunity to piggyback the print run. Gillian quickly packaged up the Somerset chapter into a 12 page Guide to the BVRT and it is now in stock with a remarkable 20+ retailers in the Brisbane Valley.

MTB5 BVRT Booklet Cover

BVRT Guide Ipswich to Fernvale