Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sprint-O, St Peters, Indooroopilly

Sunday, 7 March 2010

MTBO, Karingal, Mt Cotton

My route choice from 15 to 16 was ridickeruss, I think I was going to another control in my imagination; and then I omitted to clip 16. My aim was to beat Dave F but I was 9 minutes behind him putting me in (I think) second except I MPed. At least I didn't break a chain or lose a tyre as so many others did.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Club Event, Moore Park, Indooroopilly

I DNFed as I came back down the hill for the first time. I'm afraid this was a really bad course and I was concerned about being on top of my game for tomorrow, my return to MTBO after quite a while.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mid-Week Event, Anzac Park, Toowong

Mid-Week Event, Gap Creek East

12:00 Thursday 4th March 2010
"Gap Creek East" 2007 1:10,000 5m
UBD 157H15 10km W of Brisbane CBD
"Medium" 11 controls 3.2km 100m climb (3.1%)

Start -1 Right

1 - 2 Intended to go straight but found myself in the gully north of the wiggly bike track
7 - 8 Straight

I won (burgled) Medium again in a not very impressive 51 minutes (16mpk). It was wet and scratchy and rugged.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

State Event, Parkinson Reserve

Sprint-O, UQ St Lucia

Sprint-O 15:30 Saturday 20th February 2010
"University of Queensland St Lucia"
UBD 179J3 4km SSW of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 15 controls 3.3km little climb

>1 I was unfamiliar with the "tunnel" symbol so I went right.
1>2 Right
4>5 via 11
5>6 approached from south
10>11 right
11>12 down the steps to the SW of 11
12>13 right
13>14 back the way I came - right
14>15 up the steps

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mid-Week Event, Stockyard South, Burbank

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sprint Event, Musgrave Park, Southport

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sprint Event, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mid-Week Event, Bunyaville Picnic Grounds

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mid-Week Event, Bardon Forest Park

10:00 Thursday 10th December 2009
"Bardon Forest Park" 2004 1:7,500 5m
UBD 158L6 5km West of Brisbane CBD
"Medium" 11 controls 3.5km 130m climb (3.7%)

33.24 is 9.5mpk, 2 places and 4 minutes behind the winner. Twas HOT.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Park-O, Rainbow Forest, Fig Tree Pocket

15:00 Saturday 28th November 2009
"Rainbow Forest" 2008 1:7,500 5m
UBD 178D12 9km SW of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 17 controls 5.1km little climb

I was sluggish but still managed 13th of 46 with 35 minutes (6.9mpk) 11 minutes behind the winner.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mid-Week Event, Toohey Forest

10:00 Thursday 26th November 2009
"Toohey Forest 7" 1:10,000 5m
UBD 200J1 8km S of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 13 controls 4.6km 85m climb (2% but it felt like more)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Park-O, University of Queensland at Ipswich

15:00 Saturday 21st November 2009
"UQ Ipswich" 2003 1:5,000 5m
UBD 233D2 32km SW of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 3.7km little climb

I came 12th of 30 behind a bunch of young bucks, not young bucks, and Emily. I took 27 minutes; the winner took 18.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mid-Week Event, Downey Park, Wilston

10:00 Thursday 19th November 2009
"Downey Park" 2006 1:8,000 5m
UBD 139J19 3km WNW of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 8 controls 4.5km no climb

The clock went berko so I don't know my time...

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Park-O, Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

14:30 Saturday 14th November 2009
"Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha" 2009 1:5,000 5m
UBD 158L14 5km West of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 20 controls 3.5km

38 minutes, 17th of 64, 10 minutes behind the young bucks. 10+mpk seems slow but it's very indirect round all those tracks...

16-17 round the road

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Mid-Week Event, Mt Coot-Tha

10:00 Thursday 12th November 2009
"Mount Coot-tha" 2005 1:10,000 5m
UBD 157P13 8km W of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 4.3km 235m climb (5.5%)

I ran with David and we flew round until we faded towards the end. We won in 60 minutes.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Park-O, Gardens Point, Brisbane City

15:00 Saturday 7th November 2009
"Gardens Point" 2006 1:5,000 5m
UBD 22Q5 1km SE of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 4km little climb

I came 22nd of 53 in 31 minutes, 10 minutes behind a young buck.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Mid-Week Event, Sirromet Winery, Mt. Cotton

10:00 Thursday 5th November 2009
"Sirromet Winery" 2009 1:7,500 (1:8,400) 5m
UBD 224R6 24km SE of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 5.9km 110m climb (1.9%)

A nice new map of an interesting area; however the printed scale is wrong and should be about 1:8,400.

I came 5th of 12 in 51 minutes (8.6mpk), 13 minutes behind Gary. It was a fairly hot day and I found the running rather hard work.

Number 8 was in the wrong place further up the gully; 7 was a bit vague too.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

CATI, Springfield Lakes

09:00 Sunday 1st November 2009
"Springfield Lakes" 2008 1:10,000 5m
UBD 237D19 25km SW of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 11 controls 5.3km 75m climb (1.4%)

14th of 38...

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Family Relays, Australian Catholic University, Banyo

09:00 Sunday 25th October 2009
"ACU / Nudgee Waterholes" 2009 1:5,000 2.5m
UBD 121F10 12km NNE of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 7 controls 2.8km 27.5m climb (1%)

This is the "Long" course which I ran; I also ran a sprint on the same area while Alicia and David ran another Long and a Sprint and two Street courses. We ran well and came 9th of 28 teams although I think I kept my team mates waiting after they finished and we should have been about 7th. The sprint did me no good at all and I'm still sore.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Mid-Week Event, Samford Forest

12:00 Thursday 22nd October 2009
"Samford Forest" 2004 1:10,000 5m
UBD 117C17 14km NW of Brisbane
"Long" 11 controls 3.8km 265m climb (7%)

A grovel, but not too green and well executed, I came 2nd to Su-Yan.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mid-Week Event, Bunyaville State Forest West

12:00 Thursday 15th October 2009
"Bunyaville State Forest (West)" 1:10,000 5m
UBD 118E5 13km NW of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 4.1km

The forest was extremely scratchy and very heavy going. I couldn't find 8 and I DNFed. Turns out almost everyone else did too.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Mid-Week Event, Stockyard South

12:00 Thursday 8th October 2009
"Stockyard South" 2004 1:10,000 5m
UBD 223H1 19km SE of Brisbane CBD
"Long" 11 controls 5km 140m climb (2.8%)

5>6 right of the hill
8>9 left by the track (not sure about this)
9>10 left

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Queensland Championships, Cascades, Stanthorpe

09:00 Sunday 20th September 2009
"Cascades North" 2009 1:10,000 5m
Stanthorpe 200km SW of Brisbane CBD
"Course 4" 13 controls 5.6km 160m climb (2.9%)

118 minutes (21mpk) was almost a respectable result... the red circles show where I relocated on the way to numbers 3 and 5. Only 1 person got better than 10mpk.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Queensland Championships Day One, Dalmoak

13:00 Saturday 19th September
"Over The Border" (Dalmoak) 2009 1:10,000 5m
200km SW of Brisbane CBD
"Course 4" 15 controls 7km 160m climb (2.3%)

I did all of this as slowly and accurately as possible. I found the first three by sense of smell as map interpretation was at first very challenging; it's been ages since I raced in granite.

My time of 75 minutes seemed OK until some rather quick Pom did it in 61. I finished 6th of 12, all in my grade.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mid-Week Championships, Stockyard Creek

12:00 Thursday 17th September 2009
"Stockyard Creek" 2008 1:10,000 5m
UBD 203E16 18km SE of Brisbane CBD
"Long Red" 17 controls 6.7km 185m climb (2.7%)

A straightforward race on a very good course but a fairly ordinary result of 68 minutes (10mpk) a whopping 24 minutes behind a British visitor.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

State Event, Bluestone Creek

09:00 Sunday 13th September 2009
"Bluestone Creek South" 2002 1:10,000 5m
UBD 173P4 26km W of Brisbane CBD
"Red 4" 3.7km 240m climb (6.5%)

I didn't like the look of Red 3 so I burgled Red 4 instead, finished in 49 minutes (13.2mpk) in 3rd place 5 minutes after a young buck in a field of 31. The winning time on Red 2 was just over 10mpk on a very rugged course.

3>4 Straight to traverse the hill (should have gone over the top) then right down the spur to pick up the watercourse.
5>6 Right up the open spur and down the white spur.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Mid-Week Event, Gap Creek East

12:00 Thursday 10th September 2009
"Gap Creek East" 2009 1:10,000 5m
UBD 157H15 10km W of Brisbane CBD

I was doing fine until 9 where I looked on the wrong spur to the north, can't see why, wasted lots of time, lost interest and DNFed 8^(

Sunday, 6 September 2009

MTBO Championships, Beerburrum

09:00 Sunday 6th Spetmber 2009
"KrizKroz" 2009 1:15,000 5m
60km North of Brisbane CBD
"Course 3" 12km direct, 22km as ridden, 160m climb (.7%)

It felt like a good race; I was generally accurate apart from one blunder coimg out of 3 and my route choices were pretty good. However I wasted some time with gear issues, fell off in a monster rut, found the riding technically challenging and generally took it carefully for a fairly ordinary time of 113 minutes. Chris F took 40 minutes less, I forgive him, Su-Yan took 30 seconds less, curses.

3-4 High and right
5-6 Rode the ridge through 1

Saturday, 29 August 2009

State event, Samford Forest

14:00 Saturday 29th August 2009
"Samford Forest" 2004 1:10,000 5m
UBD 117C17 14km NW of Brisbane CBD
"Red Long" 12 controls 4.5km 300m climb (6.7%)

An eventful race. [The numbers on the map are upside down.]

2 I couldn't find when I attacked fomr the track junction and Brenton caught me up by two minutes there. It may be a little further north than shown.

3 is a naff control site but I found it OK.

5 Brenton and I left the track before the bend yet still managed to miss the spur to the east. My compass told me I was travelling NE instead of N so I recovered quickly. (Brenton didn't 8^)

7 I traversed round to the north; Brenton went over the top. 200m instead of 7 contours sounded good to me.

8 Note the horrible climb. The map ain't real great there... I attacked from the track junction, couldn't make anything fit then spotted the control a good 100m+ away to the SE. Go figure.

9 I took the track which looked good until I screwed up. The bends in the track are subtle but seemed to fit, wrong wrong wrong, I found myself in the gullies to the east. My compass told me which one.

81 minutes looked OK until Brenton turned in 80 minutes and Karl 50 minutes (!) but at least I was 3rd on the Long course 8^)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

OY, Cotswold, Maroon

09:00 Sunday 23rd August 2009
"Cotswold Bluff" 2009 1:10,000 5m
100km S of Brisbane CBD
"Red 3" 5.4km 210m climb (3.9%)

I took this very steadily, worked very hard for accuracy (and for climbing all those hills) - the time flew by and suddenly I found myself on the last leg without making a single error. I was 4th of ?15 with 67 minutes, 12 behind Su-Yan.

1 Aimed off right, worked well
2 Veered right to cross the gully, rough compass to find the gully system
3 Straight - ditch / watercourse / rocky gully
4 Aimed off left to pick up the watercourse, worked perfectly
5 Aimed off left, could see the fence for some idea where I was and found the control by picking my way along
6 Vague!
7 Straightish, slightly right, picked up the gully system on the way down, the N-S spur south of the main gully was obvious
8 This trapped many but I carefully found the bend in the track below and no problem, still took me 12 minutes, not sure why, maybe I was tiring
9 Countered, easy
10 Must have swung left a bit so I spotted the road and used it as a handrail

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